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Community Development

The Community Development Department is comprised of a dynamic team of officials who work to plan for Pulaski’s exciting future and ensure that the Town’s unique character is maintained.

Community Development oversees a number of services critical to the ongoing growth and revitalization of Pulaski including:  code enforcement, community outreach, historic preservation initiatives, nuisance abatement, plan review, property maintenance, rezoning requests, zoning questions, and more. 


Building and Permits

The Building and Permits Office oversees the issuance of permits related to construction, demolition, renovation, and other related permits within the Town.  

This office also works to coordinate building, electrical, plumbing, and other inspections by the Town Building Official.  

Staff works closely with the Engineering and Finance Departments, as well as other offices within the Community Development Department, to enforce the Building Code and Town Zoning Ordinance.

Note: The Building and Permits Office will not be accepting permits or conducting inspections from 1-2 p.m. 

Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Office works to ensure that the Town’s neighborhoods remain clean, safe, and attractive for residents and visitors alike.  Code Enforcement works with property owners to ensure compliance with Town Code, the Town Zoning Ordinance, and the Virginia Maintenance Code. 

Code violations which are often handled by the Code Enforcement team include: 

  •  High Grass and Weeds
  •  Inoperable Vehicles
  •  Property Maintenance and Neglect
  •  Trash and Garbage 

 To report a suspected violation, please contact Carla Hodge, Code Enforcement Officer at 540-994-8631 or by email.

Planning and Zoning 

The Planning and Zoning Office works to maintain consistent land development within the Town and plan for future growth and revitalization.  Planning and Zoning staff work directly with property owners and developers to ensure compliance with the Town Zoning Ordinance.  Additionally, the Office of Planning and Zoning assists with long range planning initiatives related to future development and revitalization throughout the Town of Pulaski.  Our staff also works with the Town Planning Commission and Town Council to review and update the Town's Comprehensive Plan.

Processes overseen by Planning and Zoning staff include:

For information regarding review procedures for zoning requests and associated timelines, please click here.

The Office of Planning and Zoning also provides staff support to a number of Town Committees, Commissions, Boards, and advisory groups including:

  • Architectural Review Board
  • Brownsfields Task Force
  • Board of Zoning Appeals
  • Downtown Management Team
  • Planning Commission

Planning and Zoning staff also works closely with the Engineering Department on issues relating to ADA compliance, fire safety, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), permitting, and site development.

Town of Pulaski Land Development Guide
Code Enforcement Process
Weeds and Grass Ordinance Compliance Process
Inoperable Vehicle Ordinance Compliance Process
Opportunity Zones

Contact Community Development

Building and Permits

Jessica McKinney, Technical Assistant
Phone: 540-994-8606

Code Enforcement

Carla Hodge, Code Enforcement Officer
Phone: 540-994-8631

Engineering Department

The Town of Pulaski Engineering Department functions similar to a private consulting engineering firm as it provides engineering and surveying services to all the Town's various departments. Whether the project included water lines or water tanks, sewer lines or bridges and roads, the Engineering Department has probably been a "behind the scenes player' in the project. These items are commonly referred to as infrastructure and are critical to the well being of a community. Much of the Engineering Department's time is spent on designing or recommending improvements to these facilities. The Town's Engineering Department also provides physical inspection of it's two dams and the many bridges and box culverts that are a part of the Town's transportation network.

Maintaining up to date maps for the Town that include streets, house numbers, water lines, sewer lines and zoning is an important on going function of this department. This has become an automated process where these drawings are stored and continually updated on the Town's computer system using current AutoCad and GIS software. The Engineering Department also uses the latest in software to operate a computer program that simulates actual conditions and effects of proposed changes in the water system.

Coordination between the Town and State agencies such as the Virginia Department of Health, Department of Environmental Quality and the Virginia Department of Transportation is handled through the Town Engineering Department. This helps to provide a safer, more environmentally sound community for Town citizens to live and work.

From this brief description you can see that the focus of the Engineering Department is to provide services that add to the quality of life in the Town of Pulaski.


The Town of Pulaski operates two historic cemeteries, Oakwood and Pinehurst. Oakwood Cemetery, which is 356.4 acres, has 18,200 spaces and Pinehurst, which is 3.3 acres has 1,500 spaces.  There are spaces being sold by the Town of Pulaski in the Engineering Department.  Related forms can be found at the bottom of this page. The Town of Pulaski also does an annual clean up once a year for any loose objects that consist of flowers or objects that are not located at any specific gravestone or cemetery lot. This is just a friendly reminder that if you have any objects located on headstones or cemetery lots please keep the objects within the area of the lot. 

Oakwood East Layout 
Oakwood East Layout

Click here for a downloadable Oakwood East map.

NOTE:  This map is for reference only.  The record on it for sold/open plots is not up to date.  If interested in spot availability please contact the Engineering Department at (540) 994-8617.

Pinehurst Addition Layout
Pinehurst Addition Layout
Click here for a downloadable version of the Pinehurst Addition Map.
NOTE: This map is for reference only. The record on it for sold/open ploys is not up to date. If interested in spot availability please contact the Engineering Department at (540) 994-8617.

Oakwood Cemetery

Click here for a downloadable Oakwood Map.

This is a map of the original Oakwood Cemetery before the addition was added (Oakwood East).  Plots are no longer being sold in this section.  The map can be used for family lot references as they are labeled on the map in each lot.  The names for lots in T&U are listed on the right side of this map.

Cemetery Sales Form
Interment Permit
Monument Permit
Oakwood East Regulations
Pinehurst Addition Regulations

Finance Department

The Finance Department collects all revenue and payment for the Town of Pulaski. This includes personal property taxes, real estate taxes, water and sewer bills, parking tickets, meals taxes and business licenses. The department is also responsible for accounts payable, payroll, general ledger accounting, financial reporting and investment management. 

Contact Numbers: 

Rebecca Leeper, Finance Director: 540-994-8636
Angie Trail, Utility Billing: 540-994-8639
Sandra Miller, Tax Clerk: 540-994-8644
Main Office: 540-994-8640
Fax Number: 540-994-8647

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Fire Department

The Pulaski Fire Department is a combination paid and volunteer department with ten (10) paid members and twenty (20) to twenty- five (25) volunteer members. This includes the Chief, Assistant Chief, 3 Captains, 4 Lieutenants, 5 Sergeants, and 20-25 volunteer firefighters.

Both volunteer and paid members of the department are on call 24 hours a day.

Members of the department must have a minimum of 40 hours of training each year. They are also required by the state to be certified as a Fireman II, which requires a total of 250 hours of classroom and on-site training.

Facilities and Equipment

The Department operates out of the Fire Station located at 117 North Jefferson Avenue. The station was originally built in 1923 and had an additional bay added in 1959. Fire Department maintenance facilities are located in the adjacent department shop at 121 North Jefferson Avenue

Presently, the Fire Department has a fleet of ten vehicles including a Chief’s response vehicle, three pumpers, a brush truck, a utility truck, a rescue truck and three support vehicles. Department members are responsible for the maintenance and repair of all vehicles and equipment.

Mission and Outreach Programs

As part of its mission of providing emergency and non-emergency fire services to protect the lives and property of the citizens of the Town, the Fire Department offers specialized emergency services including rope rescue teams, vehicle extrication teams, and emergency basic life support.

In addition to its primary duty of community fire suppression, the Department serves as a local, regional and statewide training center for other agencies. The department operates the Pulaski Training Center on Draper’s Mountain, which offers both classroom instruction and field training in firefighting techniques. Students have access to several facilities at the training center to obtain “hands on” experience in fire suppression including a rappelling tower, SCBA maze trailer and a state of the art livefire burn building.


Organized as the Pulaski Hose Company in 1880, the Pulaski Fire Department is the oldest department of the Town, established some six years before the Town of Pulaski was incorporated.

The first fire equipment were hose carts pulled by the fire fighters to and from the fires. They were housed in different locations on either side of Peak Creek as the Town grew.  The department laterfire truck

had horse drawn apparatus. The apparatus was owned by the Town, but the horses were owned by private citizens. The owners were paid a fee for their horses to pull the equipment to and from the fire scene. 
The current station was built in 1924 to house all Town fire equipment. The first motorized apparatus was purchased around 1909 with a pick up type bed for hauling hose. The Town of Pulaski later purchased a 1917 American LaFrance Chemical Pumper. Both of these vehicles are on display at the Raymond F. Ratcliffe Memorial Transportation Museum.

Police Department 

The Pulaski Police Department is the primary law enforcement agency of the Town. Department personnel consist of sworn officers, and non-sworn administrative employees. The Department is an accredited member of the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission (VLEPSC).

Personnel / Divisions

The department’s operations are managed by the Chief of Police, who is assisted by an administrative staff consisting of the Department Captain, Patrol Lieutenant, Criminal Investigations Lieutenant, Professional Standards Lieutenant, and the Administrative Secretary to the Chief. The department’s activities are divided into three divisions: the Uniform Patrol Division, the Investigations Division, and the Support Services Division.

Uniform Patrol Division

The Uniform Patrol Division is the primary enforcement arm of the department.  This division responds to citizen calls for service, conducts traffic enforcement, serves criminal warrants and conduct patrols through the Town. Members of this division also participate in community policing efforts and community projects.

Investigation Division

The Investigation Division is charged with conducting on-going investigations and inquiries regarding criminal activity involving felony offenses, selected misdemeanor offenses and narcotic violations. This division, in addition to general investigations, conducts crime scene processing and narcotics interdiction with local, state and federal authorities.

Support Services Division

The Support Services Division is responsible for logistical support for the department including vehicle procurement and maintenance, supply and material procurement, custody and administration of evidence. The division also supports community outreach efforts and community programs such as Neighborhood Watch
and Project Lifesaver.

Contact Us

For offices and information for the Police Department please use the following numbers:

  • Non-Emergency: (540) 994-8680
  • Chief of Police: (540) 994-8667
  • Lieutenant of Patrol: (540) 994-8682
  • Lieutenant of Investigations: (540) 994-8672
  • Community Resource Officer: (540) 994-8676
  • Records Department (540): 994-8675
  • Police Department Fax (540): 994-8693

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Public Works

Street Department

The Street Department is responsible for maintaining storm drainage, 175 lane miles of eligible streets, 36 lane miles of ineligible streets, mowing and snow and tree removal.

Landfill Maintenance

Until it was closed in 1987, the Town operated Draper Mountain Landfill on Route 11. The Landfill Maintenance budget includes maintenance of the closed landfill for seeding, leachate collection and garbage collection by the Pulaski County Public Service Authority. The landfill is subject to regular inspections by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and areas of non-compliance are addressed.


The Town owns and operates two cemeteries, Oakwood and Pinehurst. Oakwood Cemetery, which is 356.4 acres, has 18,200 spaces and Pinehurst, which is 3.3 acres has 1,500 spaces. The Town employs one full-time laborer to provide lawn maintenance, tree trimming, trash and debris and removal and provide public access on the weekends. Part-time employees are used during the summer months.

Motor Vehicle Maintenance

This division is responsible for the maintenance of 87 Town vehicles and 154 pieces of equipment excluding Fire Department vehicles. A preventive maintenance program has been implemented, including a computerized record-keeping system.

General Property Maintenance

It performs building maintenance and renovations, installs and repairs curb, gutter, and signs.

National Guard Armory

The National Guard Armory is located on Route 11. Although it is owned by the National Guard, the Town is responsible for operation and maintenance of the facility.

Administration (540) 994-8656

Water Department

Hours: 7:00 - 3:30 - Water Line Breaks, Leaks and Repairs (540) 994-8656

Sewer Department

Hours: 7:00 - 3:30 - Sewer Line Repairs (540) 994-8656

Street Department

Hours: 7:00 - 3:30 - Potholes, Pavement Defects, Sidewalks, Snow Removal (540) 994-8656

NIGHTS, WEEKENDS, and HOLIDAYS: (540) 994-8680

Senior Center

The Town of Pulaski Senior Center offers a variety of programs with an ever-increasing list of activities to serve the changing needs and interests of seniors. Our Senior Center is a popular gathering place for all senior residents of the Town and County of Pulaski. All persons 50 years of age and older and their spouses are invited to join us for our trips and activities.

We charge no dues or membership fees. The only requirement is that you fill out an information form. We also provide a free newsletter each month. The newsletter is filled with all the trips and activities that are available. We make every effort to keep the costs low for the trips and activities. Most registrations are taken the first working day of the month. All payments must be made during registration.

The Pulaski Senior Center is open Monday- Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is located at 106 North Washington Avenue, Pulaski, VA 24301. The Center is closed during all Town holidays. For further details or program information please contact Amy Hopkins, Senior Center Director at 540-994-8627. You can also reach the Senior Center Director by email at

At the Pulaski Senior Center you can enjoy programs such as playing bingo, cards, luncheons, watching a movie, taking trips, participating in an exercise class or even joining Walking Club, just to name a few. 
Click here to view the Senior Center's calendar of special events and activities.


  • If you are sick or have a fever, please stay home. 
  • No more than 20 visitors are permitted in the Senior Center at one time.
  • Continue to practice social distancing; stay 6 feet apart from others where possible.
  • The drop box located outside is still available for those who wish to make payments on utilities without entering the building.
  • Face coverings are required when entering the Municipal Building. Exceptions will be made if you have a medical condition that will put your health at risk by wearing a face covering.
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