Town Council to Hold Hearings on Utility Rates

Town Council Holding Hearings on Proposed Utility Rates
Posted on 03/28/2019
The Pulaski Town Council will hold public hearings on April 9th, beginning at 6:00 p.m. for proposed modest increases in water, sewer and garbage rates.

Beginning in 2014, following the recommendations of the Town’s financial advisors, Davenport & Associates, the Town Council embarked on a plan to move from having the water and sewer funds being supported by local tax dollars to a venture that would make them independently functional operations. At the time, the need was for a 22+% increase in rates for both water and sewer. However, the Town Council chose to take a humbler approach and agreed to lower level of annual increases over the period of several years (4%/year for 5 years). In 2017, that financial recommendation was updated by Davenport to extend the increases for an additional three years at lower amounts. The proposed increase for Fiscal Year 2020 (billings that begin in July 2019) is for a 4% increase in water rates and a 2% increase in sewer rates. For a household that uses 5,000 gallons per month, this would increase their monthly bill roughly $2.30 total.

In addition, the Pulaski County PSA is considering a $2.00 increase to their monthly garbage rates. Since the Town simply passes through those costs to our customers, the Town Council will hold a public hearing to follow suit with a $2.00 increase to those rates as well.

For further questions, please feel free to reach out to Shawn Utt, Pulaski Town Manager at 540-994-8600 or [email protected] 
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