Economic Dislocation

The economic transition from a manufacturing economy continued unabated as the Town's industrial base continued moving overseas. Textiles, a mainstay of the Town's economy since the 20's and 30's all but vanished with the closure of RENFRO in 2004. This left the Town of Pulaski and Pulaski County with only one functioning textile producer, Jefferson Yarns, in operation. Likewise, the long tenure of the furniture industry in the come to an end with the closure of Pulaski Furniture in 2007 and the closure of Virginia Church Furniture and Virginia Wood Products in 2014. Due to a combination of corporate restructuring and problems in the coal industry, Caterpillar closed its production facility in 2014. 

The community also experienced losses in commercial establishments. particularly small businesses, throughout the Town. Two large profile commercial businesses left the Town during this time, with the closure of Kroger in 2004 and the relocation of Walmart to Dublin in 2007. 

Residential construction continued in existing residential areas in the northeast. Due to the restriction on residential loans after the 2007-2008 housing collapse and the recession that resulted, residential construction in the Town dropped off rapidly. Residential development was further constrained by the drop in assessed values that resulted in many residences being valued at less than their mortgage value. The result was an increase in the number of loan defaults and foreclosures or the outright abandonment of some properties. 
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