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Goals are general statements of what citizens want to see in their community. Objectives are usually expressed as actions or programs. The goals and objectives do not represent funding commitments by the Town, but are broad goal and actions items identified for long-term planning purposes and to provide input for the Planning Commission and Town Council. The order in which the goals and objectives are presented does not reflect prioritization or levels of importance. On an annual basis, the Town Council sets funding priorities and makes funding decisions related to the Town budget. Funding priorities can change over time. The goals and objectives expressed in the Town of Pulaski's Comprehensive Plan may be updated periodically to reflect changes in the needs and priorities of the Town. 

Land Use

Goal: Work to eliminate blighted conditions. 


  • Examine options related to development of an entrance/gateway corridor overlay. 
  • Undertake outreach (to residential and commercial property owners) to build awareness of code provisions related to property maintenance.
  • Increase awareness of Pulaski's historic districts and tax credits available for improving/rehabilitating qualifying historic structures.
  • Explore options for clean-up/improvement of the old sewage treatment plant and County PSA large item drop site. 
  • Pursue creation of a staff position which focuses on blight elimination.
  • Explore options related to development of a neighborhood enhancement incentives program. 

Goal: Review zoning ordinance to identify needed updates.

Goal: Explore possibility of boundary adjustment. 

Goal: Develop a plan/strategy and undertake efforts to improve landscaping/appearance of public spaces and properties. 


  • Complete Peak Creek corridor study and embrace recommendations. 
  • Pursue removal of vegetation along stone walls along Peak Creek. 
  • Develop a street/sidewalk maintenance effort.
  • Improve Town gateways by developing and implementing a distinctive streetscape at these locations.
  • Enhance core areas of the Town and develop visual continuity with uniform landscaping and streetscaping. 
  • Expand and maintain the flower basket/box initiative.
  • Work with residents and businesses to improve the overall aesthetics of the community. 
  • Explore creation of visual ties between neighborhoods that convey Town identity and maintain distinct neighborhood characteristics. 

Goal: Continue to recognize Peak Creek as a valuable community asset and work to improve its physical appearance and environmental quality.


  • Continue to support the efforts of the Friends of Peak Creek.
  • Explore options related to flood hazard mitigation activities. 
  • Pursue grant funding to help clean up the stream channel of Peak Creek. 

Economic Development 

Goal: Work with partner organizations, businesses and citizens to maintain and improve an atmosphere that encourages investment in the community. 

Goal: Facilitate revitalization of downtown. 


  • Encourage development of downtown merchants/stakeholder organizations. 
  • Work with partners to implement recommendations of downtown organization study.
  • Work with partners to maintain a climate that fosters entrepreneurs/businesses and encourages their growth and development. 
  • Pursue CDBG planning grant to examine feasibility of downtown revitalization project. 
  • Document/promote awareness of downtown investments/projects/successes.

Goal: Continue to facilitate discussion and implementation of options for providing access to high-speed internet services in downtown Pulaski.


  • Implement phase 1 extension of broadcast capacity in downtown Pulaski and pursue additional phases of extension as conditions/needs warrant.

Goal: Ensure that adequate land for commercial and industrial development is available to attract new businesses and industry to the Town and encourage expansion of existing businesses and industry. 

Goal: Retain and attract well-educated workforce.

Goal: Partner with Pulaski County, New River Valley Economic Development Alliance, Chamber of Commerce, and Virginia Economic Development Partnership to market and implement economic development opportunities. 

Goal: Examine options for partnering to pursue joint enterprise zone designation with the County when the current Town enterprise zone expires. 

Goal: Continue to work with current industries and businesses to document successes/experiences in order to build awareness and promote opportunities.

Goal: Continue to build on strengths as tourism destination.


  • Recognize and promote assets such as the New River Trail, Draper Mountain Bike Trails, Gatewood Park, Calfee Park, Peak Creek, Fine Arts Center, Pulaski Theatre, Pulaski Train Station, and Jackson Park Inn.  
  • Improve connections to and between assets/points of interest.
  • Work with partner organizations to accomplish beneficial objectives. 
  • Market/promote successes.
  • Coordinate with regional New River Valley tourism efforts, as well as Southwest Virginia Appalachian Spring, Crooked Road, and 'Round the Mountain initiatives.

Goal: Continue to foster relationships with higher education institutions and support provision of educational and cultural opportunities. 

Goal: Support community-building events, organizations, and businesses.


  • Support efforts by the Chamber of Commerce and other groups that are focused on expanding community events in the Town. 
  • Encourage community beautification efforts. 
  • Encourage and support events by partnering with civic organizations. 
  • Encourage volunteerism throughout the community among all age groups. 

Goal: Create opportunities to assist new residents in learning about and connecting with the community. 


Goal: Identify opportunities to make water system improvements not included in the current round of upgrades. 

Goal: Continue to undertake sewer system maintenance and improvements to address issues such as infiltration and inflow and pump station maintenance/upgrades. 


  • Identify options to redirect industrial wastewater from Pulaski Business Park so that it flows more directly toward the wastewater treatment plant. 
  • Examine wastewater pre-treatment options. 

Goal: Undertake geo-location of water and sewer infrastructure in order to create a more robust and useful geographic information system resource layer. 


Goal: Continue to maintain streets and thoroughfares.


  • Pursue Route 99/East Main Street improvement project which is in VDOT construction program.
  • Replace/rehabilitate aging bridge structures: Route 99/East Main Street bridge over Peak Creek; and Commerce Street bridge over Peak Creek.
  • Pursue development of pedestrian crossing on Memorial Drive at intersection with Route 11. 
  • Support improvement and expansion of bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

Goal: Maintain partnership with New River Valley Senior Services and Pulaski County to provide for continued operation of Pulaski Area Transit. 

Goal: Study implementation of two-way traffic on Main Street.

Goal: Support extension of passenger rail service to the Town of Pulaski and the New River Valley. 

Goal: Support improvements to the I-81 exit 94 interchange and other interchanges in Pulaski County. 

Community Services and Facilities

Goal: Maintain a comprehensive pubic safety program.


  • Provide necessary training and equipment replacement/upgrades for the Police Department. 
  • Provide necessary training and equipment replacement/upgrades for the Fire Department. 

Goal: Explore opportunities to plan or develop a new public safety building for Police and Fire Departments and possibly emergency medical services. 

Goal: Embrace results of the upcoming Gatewood Park study. 

Goal: Perform inventory and assessment of Town Parks and Recreation facilities.


  • Explore opportunities to create connections between, and accessibility to facilities such as connecting the Draper Mountain Bike Trails to Gatewood Park. 
  • Construct outdoor basketball court facility at an appropriate location.


Goal: Encourage improvement of housing stock to extend viability and keep properties on tax rolls. 


  • Coordinate with organizations such as Community Housing Partners, the New Rive Valley HOME Consortium and Habitat for Humanity to take advantage of opportunities to improve older/substandard housing and to develop new infill housing. 
  • Increase awareness of Pulaski's historic districts, unique architecture, and tax credits available for improving/rehabilitating qualifying historic structures. 
  • Pursue CDBG grant funds to help take action on qualifying opportunities for rehabilitation of housing.

Goal: Undertake outreach to residential property owners to build awareness of code provisions related to property maintenance.

Goal: Encourage construction of additional housing. 

Goal: Preserve, strengthen and reinforce the stability and diversity of neighborhoods to improve the quality of residential areas in the Town of Pulaski.

Goal: Ensure that new residential neighborhoods in the Town of Pulaski are compatible and integrated with the existing community character. 

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