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Arnett Muldrow and Associates worked with community leaders and citizens to develop a community brand
identity and market position as a companion to the downtown revitalization plan (Appendix C). The brand
builds on the recommendations of the downtown revitalization plan, while creating a distinct graphic identity
and market position to promote the town and its assets to the local citizenry, visitors, and potential investors.

The branding process began with an online survey to gauge resident, visitors, and business owners’ perspectives of downtown’s character and its promotional needs. The thirteen-question survey was deployed on January 23, leading up to the three-day branding workshop. Of the 193 survey participants, 58 percent lived in the Pulaski zip code and the other 20 percent lived in Dublin, Radford, or Christiansburg. Most survey participants identified Pulaski as a friendly, historic small town with great potential. They recognized some of the challenges with vacant and dilapidated buildings in downtown, but also the perception issues that they feel Pulaski has within the larger region. The survey asked what single image best describes the character of Pulaski. Many participants mentioned the natural environment including the backdrop of the mountains and Claytor Lake. Others noted key assets and destination s such as the New River Trail, Train Depot, Calfee Park, and the Courthouse. Approximately 75 percent of respondents felt that Pulaski has a “negative” or “somewhat negative” perception from outsiders, which is very important to understand when creating a new brand. Moreover, over 85 percent felt that Pulaski’s identity and character is not clearly communicated, which creates a great opportunity to control a positive message and change perceptions. 

Question 4 Word Cloud

The new brand identity and market position for Pulaski includes a brand statement, graphic identity for the
community, logo extension to events and organizations, and graphic marketing recommendations. The idea of Where Your New Path Begins builds on the ongoing vision created by the community through the Community U process leading up to this project. It plays off the beginning of the New River Trail in downtown Pulaski, but more importantly positions the potential for residents and businesses to reach new peaks, blending tradition with innovation. The graphic includes the downtown street-scape centered on the clock tower of the courthouse. The mountain range that surrounds the town is shown in the background, while the movement of Peak Creek, the heart of the downtown and foundation for its revitalization, frames the bottom of the graphic. The rays of blue light that rise from downtown signify the continued vision of improvement. The colors and fonts are contemporary, indicating the town’s new era of revitalization.

New Town Branding Material
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