Uncertainty & Transition: 1980-2000

The Town of Pulaski struggled during the 1980's and 1990's as its industrial base began to contract. The 1980's saw the beginning of this contraction by the closure of the traditional industrial operations of Sadler Hosiery Mill and Virignia Maid and the consolidation of Coleman Furniture with Pulaski Furniture. Additional industries, such as RENFRO and Lee Jeans/Sparkle, stepped in to provide new or expanded employment for workers in areas already zoned for industrial land use. 

With the 1987 Boundary Adjustment, residential land uses were expanded to the northeast. The 1987 Zoning Map shows areas along Route 11 were primarily zoned for residential use; while the area along Bob White Boulevard was zoned for a variety of commercial, industrial, residential and agricultural uses. 

The Town of Pulaski's commercial activity continued to shift northeast with the moving of long standing businesses such as RosesKroger, and automotive dealerships to new locations on Route 99 or Bob White Boulevard. In addition, in the late 1980's a new commercial area on a portion of the former Allison Farm, site of the current Memorial Square Shopping Center, was approved on Memorial Drive. 

Single family detached residential development during the 1980's and 1990's slowed from its 1970's pace. New residential areas, such as Governor Floyd's Farm and Bainbridge, were developed along Newbern Road and Bob White Boulevard. New multi-family units, Washington SquarePulaski Village ​and Laurel Wood, were built on Oakhurst Avenue, Memorial Drive and Burgis Avenue. 

In the 1990's the land uses in the Town, as established in the 1987 Zoning Regulations, remained stable until later in the decade. Residential development began in Pepper's Ferry Meadows, as portions of the Allison Estate passed to new owners. The Town of Pulaski purchased approximately 144 acres adjacent to the former RENFRO Newbern Road Plant and Caterpillar production facilities as a site for new heavy industry. which was the single largest dedication of land for industrial use since the establishment of the furniture industries nearly eighty years before. Conversely, a proposed rezoning of 45 acres on Memorial Drive for commercial use to accommodate a proposed shopping area was defeated due to neighborhood opposition. 
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