War and Post-War Development: 1940-1960

The coming of World War II saw the community's land use pattern undergo only minor changes due to the rationing of building material during the war. Pulaski's industries and rail facilities played a prominent part in the local economy producing goods and transporting men and material for the war effort. 

During these years the most prominent growth in the area was fueled by the Radford Army Ammunition Plant and its facilities in nearby Dublin and Montgomery County. Due to the area's housing shortage, the federal government commissioned the creation and construction of MacGill Village, at that time just outside of the town's boundaries, to house workers for the new facilities. 

Old PulaskiWhile there were some minor additions to the Town of Pulaski during this time period, a large scale annexation as well as adoption of a Zoning Ordinance and Zoning map in 1957, showed growth of residential districts particularly in the northeast section of the town. This area extended from Mashburn Avenue northeast along Pepper's Ferry Road to English Forest Road, then south to the present day Bob White Boulevard area. An additional area of residential growth was located between Pepper's Ferry Road and Route 11. While some portions of this area such as Cardinal Drive and Oakhurst Avenue would develop as low-density single family areas, most would come to develop in time as medium-density residential small lot developments. Additional residential areas were designated along Alum Spring Road, Pleasant Hill Drive, Lowmoor Avenue and Byrd Drive. 

Business areas were added along Route 11 from Pleasant Hill Drive to Fifth Street, N.E. and along 3rd Street, N.E. An additional industrial area was added east of present day Bob White Boulevard. 

Land use at the end of this period tended to follow its historic movement northeast along the major roads of Peppers Ferry Road, Newbern Road, and Route 11. Land uses along these in-town roads were primarily residential uses. Route 11 added business areas leading into the central commercial area and the industrial heart of downtown. 
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