Celebrating Pulaski's Fire Department

Honoring Pulaski's Fire Department
Posted on 02/06/2019
Public servants can be found at the core of what makes a town special. Our officers in blue help keep the streets of Pulaski safe and our EMTs make sure people who need medical care get what they need as quickly as possible. Another huge part of our public services is our local fire department.

Founded back in 1880 as the Pulaski Hose Company, the Pulaski Fire Department definitely has some history, actually being established several years before the Town of Pulaski was incorporated. Originally working with hose carts pulled to fires by them men, things are much more efficient nowadays with fire engines that can be driven straight to the scene of a fire.

Another facet to the fire department is the larger mission program they have implemented alongside their established goal of firefighting. The department also specializes in rope rescue, vehicle extrication and basic emergency life support.

With a rather small town, you would expect a slightly smaller fire department to go along with it. But Pulaski’s firefighting team is actually pretty sizable. Staying in the range of thirty to thirty five members, they have a big work pool to pull from for any crisis that may come up throughout the town. And keep in mind; many of these member aren’t paid. They do this work because they understand that keeping the town and its citizens safe is a privilege, and volunteering at the fire department is a great way to give back to your community.

So the next time you see one of our white and yellow trucks around town, remember how much history and tradition brought that truck to this town, and how the people on board really make this community shine bright.
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