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Seeking Employment? Pulaski County Jobs Wants to Help
Posted on 08/26/2019

Jobs; you just about can’t live without one, and sometimes it makes the day harder to get through. But I feel like those cases are in the minority. Most jobs are actually great; especially if you have a great group of coworkers to get through the day with. Here at the Town of Pulaski, I wouldn’t make it through the day without at least a bit of back and forth with everyone about all sorts of stuff.

Pulaski County has seen a big jump in job growth in the past few years; as business and interest in the area increase, so do the opportunities for employment. Alongside that job growth, staffing groups and consulting agencies are beginning to take notice of an opportunity for them.

Pulaski County VA Jobs are one of those staffing/recruiting agencies that have seen the opportunity. They currently have a presence on Facebook, and are beginning to expand into other social media avenues as well such as LinkedIn and Instagram. They have an efficient way of operating to accomplish their goal of finding the right job for any individual; managers and staffers are invited to become job posters on Facebook, which then allows them to update the page themselves with any new job listings that may become available within their company. With this streamlined method of bringing employment opportunities to the public, people will find it much easier to find the jobs they’re looking for in one centralized location.

As Pulaski County Jobs continues to post daily updates on new jobs available in our area, be sure to follow them on Facebook to stay in the loop. As they roll out their presence on LinkedIn and Instagram, we’ll update this article to make sure you can easily access their pages.

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