The Coffee Grinder Serves Up the Best

Get the Best Coffee in Town at The Coffee Grinder
Posted on 01/28/2019
I am not a morning person. And if you’re like me, the easiest way to make your Monday morning routine seem just a little less awful is with a strong cup of coffee. But sometimes I want more than a cup of Joe from my coffee maker at the house. That’s where The Coffee Grinder comes in. 

As I mentioned, the Coffee Grinder has more to offer than your standard cup of coffee (although their regular coffee is amazing). Espressos, cappuccinos, Macchiato and frappes…I could go on. But the point is that variety is a huge part of The Coffee Grinder’s success. Aside from the coffee menu, they have a good array of breakfast and lunch options, as well as smoothies and teas if you’re not the coffee type. Ask for the chai with milk; if you can’t have coffee, chai is the next best thing. 

As for the success they’ve been having, you can thank Amanda Hash for that. The Coffee Grinder was originally opened in 2016, and Amanda took over soon after the original owner decided that running a coffee shop wasn’t for him. She felt strongly that “every town should a have a coffee shop”, so she decided to give it her best shot. So far owning a coffee shop has been an interesting journey for her. “It’s been completely unpredictable, a little bit crazy, and probably the most rewarding thing I’ve done”.

Much of The Coffee Grinder’s success can be attributed to Amanda. She knew that hard work would pay off, and she was right. It quickly exploded as a hot spot for people who want a good cup of coffee, or even just want a relaxing space where they can kick back and read a book. Her favorite part of the job is helping out her customers, who she says are “some of the coolest people ever”. 

That’s another nice thing about The Coffee Grinder; they’re more than just a coffee shop. Along with offering free WiFi, they also have a play section for young children, as well as a selection of books that you can buy, borrow, or trade for another book. 

And if you’re wondering what Amanda’s favorite drink is? “Caramel Macchiato, but it all depends on what mood I’m in really”.

So the next time you get that caffeine craving and want something a little sweeter or tastier than the norm, try out The Coffee Grinder! I’m sure they’ve got what you’re looking for. 
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