Building Department

The Building Department oversees the issuance of permits related to construction, demolition, renovation, and other related permits within the Town. This office also works to coordinate building, electrical, plumbing, and other inspections by the Town Building Official. Staff works closely with the Engineering and Finance Departments, as well as other offices within the Community Development Department, to enforce the Building Code and Town Zoning Ordinance.

Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Office works to ensure that the Town’s neighborhoods remain clean, safe, and attractive for residents and visitors alike. Code Enforcement works with property owners to ensure compliance with Town Code, the Town Zoning Ordinance, and the Virginia Maintenance Code.

Planning & Zoning

The Town Planner/Economic Development Director works to maintain consistent land development within the Town and plan for future growth and revitalization. They also work directly with property owners and developers to ensure compliance with the Town Zoning Ordinance. Additionally, the Office of Planning and Zoning assists with long-term planning initiatives related to future development and revitalization throughout the Town of Pulaski.

Economic Development

Economic development encompasses a range of factors that contribute to an improved quality of life. It involves the creation of job opportunities, higher incomes, and overall economic prosperity within a region. Economic development often leads to the growth of infrastructure, improved public services, and enhanced recreational facilities, further enhancing the living standards for residents.


The Town Engineering Department provides engineering and surveying services for a multitude of construction projects, including water lines and water tanks, sewer lines, bridges and roads. These items are commonly referred to as infrastructure and are critical to the well-being of a community. Much of the Engineering Department's time is spent on designing or recommending improvements to these facilities. The Town's Engineering Department also provides physical inspection of its two dams and the many bridges and box culverts that are a part of the Town's transportation network. Furthermore, the Town Engineering Department handles all Cemetery lot allocations.


The Finance Department collects all revenue and payment for the Town of Pulaski. This includes personal property taxes, real estate taxes, water and sewer bills, parking tickets, meals taxes and business licenses. The department is also responsible for accounts payable, payroll, general ledger accounting, financial reporting and investment management.

Fire Department

The Pulaski Fire Department is a combination paid and volunteer department with ten (10) paid members and twenty (20) to twenty- five (25) volunteer members. This includes the Chief, Assistant Chief, 3 Captains, 4 Lieutenants, 5 Sergeants, and 20-25 volunteer firefighters.

Both volunteer and paid members of the department are on call 24 hours a day.

Members of the department must have a minimum of 40 hours of training each year. They are also required by the state to be certified as a Fireman II, which requires a total of 250 hours of classroom and on-site training.

Police Department

The Pulaski Police Department is the primary law enforcement agency of the Town. Department personnel consist of sworn officers, and non-sworn administrative employees. The Department is an accredited member of the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission (VLEPSC).

Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for a multitude of projects within the Town, including the construction, renovation and operation of public projects including street and sidewalk maintenance, wastewater treatment, facility operations, and infrastructure repair.

Senior Center

The Town of Pulaski Senior Center offers a variety of programs with an ever-increasing list of activities to serve the changing needs and interests of seniors. Our Senior Center is a popular gathering place for all senior residents of the Town and County of Pulaski. All persons 50 years of age and older and their spouses are invited to join us for our trips and activities.