Planning & Zoning

The Town Planner/Economic Development Director works to maintain consistent land development within the Town and plan for future growth and revitalization. They also work directly with property owners and developers to ensure compliance with the Town Zoning Ordinance. Additionally, the Office of Planning and Zoning assists with long-term planning initiatives related to future development and revitalization throughout the Town of Pulaski.

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Planning & Zoning

Processes overseen by Planning and Zoning staff include:

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For information regarding review procedures for zoning requests and associated timelines, please click here.

The Office of Planning and Zoning also provides staff support to a number of Town Committees, Commissions, Boards, and advisory groups including:

Planning and Zoning staff also works closely with the Engineering Department on issues relating to ADA compliance, fire safety, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), permitting, and site development.

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Planning & Zoning


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42 1st Street
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Zoning Administrator

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